The newest enrollee at a convent boarding school, the introverted Mon (Jannine Weigel) becomes the laughing stock when her classmates catch her sniffing various objects all the time. Perceiving her as a weirdo, what they do not know is that Mon actually possesses a paranormal power that allows her to smell the presence of spirits.


One night in the girls’ toilet, Mon encounters a mysterious ghostly being, who calls himself Senior (Pongsakorn Tosuwan), and is roped into his investigation of a brutal murder that happened 50 years ago. Senior is invisible to everyone including Mon; thus, she often seems to be talking to herself when they communicate, which causes her further ostracism by her schoolmates.


Mon and Senior partner up to relook into the murder of Princess Bhannawadee, who lived in a palace that used to be where the school now stands. Her old gardener was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder, but till his dying moment, he insisted on his innocence. The old gardener’s spirit now haunts the school corridors, lamenting the injustice of his death. The two’s mission is to find out the true identity of her murderer.


Along the way, the unlikely detective duo runs into both human and supernatural forces that attempt to obstruct them from the truth, no matter what it takes. On the other hand, who is the mysterious Senior? Will Mon live to find out?

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