Nick Cheung as Fatt (Director)


\\\Movies-2015\Keeper of Darkness\Nick Cheung_from internet.jpgOne of the most bankable and versatile actors in Asia, Nick Cheung has successfully transited from his earlier comedic roles to more solemn, dramatic ones. A frequent collaborator with Johnnie To and Dante Lam, his notable films include To’s Breaking News (2004), Election I & II (2005, 2006) and Exiled (2006), as well as Lam’s Beast Stalker (2008) and Unbeatable (2013). Beast Stalker earned him Best Actor awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA), the Golden Horse Awards (GHA), and the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards (HKFCSA). In 2013, Cheung was again crowned Best Actor at the HKFA and HKFCSA for Unbeatable, which was the highest-grossing Hong Kong film that year. Following that, the actor made his directorial debut with horror film Hungry Ghost Ritual.



Selected Filmography
Helios (Longmond Leung & Luk Kim-ching, 2015)
Unbeatable (Dante Lam, 2013)
The White Storm (Benny Chan, 2013)
Conspirators (Oxide Pang, 2013)
Election I & II (Johnnie To, 2005; 2006)

Amber Kuo as Shuet


\\\Movies-2015\Keeper of Darkness\Amber Kuo_from internet.jpgAn up and coming actress within the Asian film industry, Amber Kuo has appeared in a string of hit films such as Guo Jing-ming’s Tiny Times I, II and III (2013, 2014) and Wilson Yip’s Triumph in the Skies (2015). Her feature film debut in Arvin Chen’s Au Revoir Taipei (2010) won her the Best New Actor at the Taipei Film Festival. Her next film Love (2012) was selected into the Panorama section of the Berlin International Film Festival.  Her 2013 comedy David Loman became a smash hit in Taiwan, grossing over 430 million at the box office.



Selected Filmography
Triumph in the Skies (Wilson Yip, 2015)
Tiny Times I, II & III (Guo Jing-ming, 2013; 2014)
David Loman (Chiu Li-kwan, 2013)
Love (Doze Niu, 2012)
Au Revoir Taipei (Arvin Chen, 2010)



Sisley Choi as Ling


\\\Movies-2015\Keeper of Darkness\Sisley Choi_from internet.jpgSisley Choi came to the attention of Hong Kong audiences through the 2013 Miss Hong Kong pageant, for which she won 1st runner-up. The former beauty queen is now a rising star in the acting field, and has taken roles in television dramas such as Overachievers (2014), Officer Geomancer (2014), and Young Charioteers (2015).






Selected Television Series
Young Charioteers (Mar 2015)
Officer Geomancer (Dec 2014 – Jan 2015)
Overachievers (Nov – Dec 2014)



Shi Yan Neng as Hark


\\\Movies-2015\Keeper of Darkness\Shi Yan Neng_from internet.jpgAlso known as Xing Yu, Shi Yan Neng is a Shaolin monk of the 32nd generation. In 2004, he was handpicked by Stephen Chow to star in the action blockbuster Kung Fu Hustle. His strong martial arts skill has led him to roles in a series of high-profile action films, including Flash Point (2007), Ip Man (2008), Bodyguards and Assassins (2009), Shaolin (2011), and The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014).






Selected Filmography
The Taking of Tiger Mountain (Tsui Hark, 2014)
Kung Fu Jungle (Teddy Chan, 2014)
Shaolin (Benny Chan, 2011)
Bodyguards and Assassins (Teddy Chan, 2009)
Ip Man (Wilson Yip, 2008)
Flash Point (Wilson Yip, 2007)



Louis Cheung as Chung


\\\Movies-2015\Keeper of Darkness\Louis Cheung_from internet.jpgThe versatile Louis Cheung began his entertainment career as a Cantopop recording artist and songwriter, and has written songs for popular singers such as Eason Chan, Hacken Lee and Joey Yung. Cheung later turned to acting with TVB, and has received much critical acclaim for his roles in television dramas such as Inbound Troubles (2013), Brother’s Keeper (2013), and Black Heart White Soul (2014).





Selected Television Series
Come Home Love 2 (Jul 2015 – present)
Black Heart White Soul (Jul – Aug 2014)
Brother’s Keeper (Sep – Nov 2013)
Inbound Troubles (Jan – Feb 2013)

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