Fatt (Nick Cheung/张家辉) is a gangster by day, exorcist by night. What makes him different from other exorcists is that he can see through and empathise with the pain in the spirit’s past, which helps him in convincing them to release their grudge and transmigrate. Little did he know that his partner Chung (Louis Cheung/张继聪) has been secretly recording and uploading videos of his exorcism sessions online. These videos go viral and turn Fatt into an overnight star.


The media goes wild over Fatt, including rookie paparazzi Ling (Sisley Choi/蔡思贝) who is desperately trying to climb the ranks of her profession. In one incident, Ling is possessed by a fierce spirit and nearly gets killed. Fatt miraculously comes to her rescue, and scolds her for being disrespectful to the dead. Ling becomes intrigued by the enigmatic Fatt, and sets her mind on uncovering the story behind his life.


The deeper she digs into his past, the more disturbing truths she discovers—the most terrifying one is of Fatt’s girlfriend Shuet (Amber Kuo/郭采洁) who, after her death 88 years ago, continues to linger in his life. Shuet seems to have reservations about her coming transmigration, much to Fatt’s dismay.


Elsewhere, Hark (Shi Yan Neng/释延能), who is a vengeful spirit with a violent past, is wreaking havoc by killing mediums and exorcists. Fatt confronts Hark, but fails to persuade him to let go of his heavy grudge. He decides to investigate deeper into Hark’s past life to amass clues that could help to weaken the evil force. The time has come for Shuet’s transmigration. If she misses this chance, she will be trapped in the human world as a wandering spirit. Juggling Hark’s malevolent intentions and Shuet’s reluctance at departure, Fatt finds himself in one of the toughest situations in his life.

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